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January 29, 2016

Solergy Italia Srl selected for prestigious Horizon 2020 SME (Small/Medium Enterprise) Instrument award from the EU Commission

€2.1M grant for developing an innovative ceramic heat spreader as part of Solergy’s unique HCPV (High Concentrating Photovoltaic) solar energy system

Formello (RM), Italy – Solergy, Italia Srl, a wholly-owned R&D subsidiary of Solergy, Inc., announced today that is has been awarded the prestigious Horizon 2020, SME instrument to support development of an innovative, ceramic-based heatspreader, a key component within its HCPV technology.

The total project value, under the acronym Cogem CPVTM, is approximately €3M with a maximum grant amount of nearly €2.1M. The award is part of the European Commission’s program for ‘stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon energy system’.

The heatspreader component is the ‘heart’ of the HCPV system, serving simultaneously as the receiver of the concentrated light, the photovoltaic cell carrier, and the thermal management system. This component must provide high performance and reliability while allowing for scale manufacturing at low cost. The goal of Solergy Italia’s research is to develop the next-generation heatspreader that will reduce cost by 25% while gaining a performance improvement of at least 3%.

The Cogem CPVTM project directly supports Solergy’s recent announcement of its 40 Year Solar technology, the world’s first upgradeable, 40+ year lifetime solar energy system that can generate electricity at a cost as low as $0.01/kWhr. Solergy’s HCPV system not only generates 3x the electricity of a traditional PV panel over its lifetime, but also cogenerates heat that can be applied for process heat, higher efficiency desalination, and hot water.

This is the first step of Solergy’s overall plan to scale-up and broadly commercialize its technology over the next few years. The final goal is to offer a technology that generates electricity at the lowest cost of all sources in sunny regions around the world.

More information about the Cogem CPVTM project can be found at

About Solergy
Solergy ( develops, manufactures, and distributes highly efficient and reliable solar energy systems that generate the most energy at the lowest cost. It has developed the world’s first upgradeable, 40+ year lifetime High Concentrating Photovoltaic (HCPV) System that can generate electricity at a cost as low as $0.01/kWhr. The performance and reliability of Solergy’s technology have been validated by reputable 3rd parties.


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