40 Year Upgradeable Solar

Electricity at a cost as low as $0.01/kWhr

The Sky’s the Limit

Power upgrade generates 3x more electricity
than PV and extends life to 40+ years

Efficient, Reliable, Robust

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Electricity, Cogenerated Heat, and Storage Onboard

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Beautiful and Tough

Aesthetic Italian design minimizes visual impact
Operates in up to 200km/hr winds

Introducing 40 Year
Upgradeable Solar

Solergy has developed the world’s first 40+ year lifetime, upgradeable solar energy system that can generate electricity at a cost as low as $0.01/kWhr.

Highest Electricity Generation
3x more than PV

Solergy generates 40% more electricity per installed kW every year compared to traditional PV. Upgrading the cells boosts power output and extends lifetime to 40-50 years. The unique module architecture enables cell upgrade directly in the field at low-cost.

Multijunction cells have already achieved efficiencies of 46% and improve by 1-2% absolute every year. With a 72% theoretical efficiency limit, significant efficiency gains will continue to be realized in the coming years.



Solergy’s upgradeable design means that you enjoy the full benefit of every technological improvement as it becomes available.

Lowest Cost of Energy
As low as $0.01/kWhr

Solergy generates electricity at a highly competitive cost without subsidies or tax breaks during the first 15 – 20 years of operation. After upgrade, the cost decreases to almost zero, resulting in virtually free electricity for an additional 20 – 30 years.

Now, integrating storage for 24x7 energy autonomy becomes economically feasible. The system also cogenerates heat at no additional cost which can be used for various applications such as hot water, process heat, agriculture, and higher efficiency desalination

Reliable and Resilient

Solergy is reliable in tough environmental conditions and resilient in the face of extreme weather events. Unpredictable weather extremes means extra care is needed to guarantee solar investments over many years.

Solergy endures and continues to operate reliably in a variety of challenging conditions including 200 km/hr winds, thermal shock and extreme temperatures, hail, corrosive marine environments, and more. The system has been certified to the demanding IEC62108 standard.

Aesthetic Italian Design

Solergy CPV harmoniously integrates into many environments with minimal visual and ecological impact. The all-glass lenses on the panels slowly track the sun throughout the day like a sunflower. Solar power can be as beautiful as it is clean.

A Sustainable Pathway to Terawatts of Solar

We must rapidly scale solar energy deployment from gigawatts to terawatts in order to serve growing energy demand while mitigating climate change. Traditional PV is a great start, but won’t get us there sustainably.

Environmental impact of PV compared to Solergy 40 Year Solar

 PVSolergy 40 Year Solar
Energy output over time 3x
Manufacturing Capex ($/MW)2x – 3x 
Semiconductor material area / watt2000x 
Land Leveling & Physical footprint20x 
Dual land useNoYes
Energy Payback Time2x – 3x 
Green House Gas Emissions (g/kWh)2x – 4x 
Easy recycling & disposalNoYes
Habitat & ecological disturbanceHighLow